April 29, 2020


ELDIM collaborates with Loop Dee Science (a biotech start-up from Normandy) with the scientific inputs & medical supervision of the University Hospital of Caen Normandy (CHU Caen – Virology department).



Loop Dee Science has developed a point-of-care detection solution for COVID-19 using molecular biology and yielding results in only 30 minutes.

The solution is based on the LoopXplore (COVID-19 analytical kit) and the LoopX (a portable and autonomous diagnostics device).



The test uses isothermal amplification technology to detect the genetic trace (RNA) of the virus itself without any additional equipment, such as thermocyclers.




LoopXplore, image extracted from loopdeescience.com




ELDIM oversees the sensor’s & analytical side of the solution (LoopX). Our proven experience in high end mass production processes and manufacturing capabilities will ensure to provide healh authorities and future users the best possible quality & reliability.




LoopX, image extracted from loop-dee-science linkedin




ELDIM has always been focused on supporting new projects with multiple start-up in various industries fields.

Because the design and industrialization of high-end metrology products for photonics is our expertise, we are really enthusiast to support this project by providing the best of our technologies.



Collaborating on a project which will help individuals in the current situation of CoVid outbreak is important for us and we work hard to make it possible.

We think that this tool will be an efficient help fighting this disease.



The clinical trial with 1000 patients to evaluate the performance in point-of-care conditions will be finish soon and, if positive, the production will immediately start.



Take Care & Stay Healthy




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