The successful collaboration story

Founded in 2017, Loop Dee Science, a company specialized in molecular biology, released LoopXplore. It is a rapid screening kit for Covid19, running on LoopX, a portable and autonomous analysis device.



A challenge made possible thanks to two French collaborations : the expertise of the virology laboratory of CHU (Hospital) of Caen, and ELDIM’s technological know-how.





“The results are obtained in about 30min, on site, and can be transcribed by USB or Bluetooth.” An innovative machine based on optical reading technology developed by ELDIM.




Due to its experience and proven capabilities of Mass Production, ELDIM is in charge of the industrialization and manufacturing of LoopX.


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Vehicle Displays Virtual 2020

We are glad to participate this year again at the Vehicle Displays show. As for other many shows it will be the first time that the event will be running fully virtually.



Join us at Vehicle Displays 2020 from October 14-15, October 2020 !


Nowadays displays in the automotive industry is becoming more and and more important. With so many screens in a car, the question of testing them to ensure quality control cannot be neglected.


The Vehicle Displays show is the perfect event for that, conferences on the topic will be presented.


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Commercialization of COVID-19 analysis kits

ELDIM is proud to announce that Loop Dee Science a partner company just received the approval for commercialization of its solutions.




Loop Dee Science offers a solution for rapid analysis of Covid-19, without going through a laboratory. It has just obtained authorization to sell their solutions  and is conducting discussions with large French groups.




The development of a covid-19 molecular biology detection system allowing a result to be obtained in less than 40 minutes and directly at the beside of the patient being tested. By their easy way of use, these unit tests may find their place, for example in nursing homes or in other places which require rapid field screening.


ELDIM is happy to make alive this project by industrializing and producing the LoopX.


The selling of LoopXplore COVID-19 analysis kit and the LoopX automatic analyzer thus represents a major advance in order to overcome certain limitations of the diagnostic tests currently in use.





Hervé Morin, president of Normandy region, after the approval of the commercialization of LoopX presented the solutions to the French prime minister Jean Castex.