Recap on Display Week 2021

For the second time, we have participated to the SID Display Week virtual event.



Even if, due to Covid-19, there’s no way to meet our Customers & Partners face to face. With this show, we had taken the opportunity to introduce our latest release and interact with you. Of course we would prefer to meet you physically but we hope that next year will be better, and Display Week 2022 will be held in physic, so that we can see you.



With this exhibition, we have taken the opportunity to introduce new products and datasheets. Especially the CubeX, our new product.


We have been happy to have seen so many of you visiting our booth !





Also, we had broadcast the first teaser of our films!


Do not hesitate to follow our social network for more information.










We hope that you have enjoyed the Display Week 2021.



For those who haven’t gone to our booth, please note that it is still possible to access to the virtual event, until 17 September 2021.

Display Week 2021

Eldim is going to participate to the Display Week 2021!



For the 2nd time, the Display Week will be held in virtual.



This event is the premier worldwide in the electronic display industry. It is a show very important for all the big companies who want to exhibit our last technologies.



And that’s why Eldim is participating to this show.



We will be very proud to welcome you to our virtual booth from 17th to 21th May 2021.



During this event, we will present you our products, and especially a new one, the CubeX. You will have the opportunity to see and download datasheets concerning our products, and watch videos. Our team will be available to answer you for any inquiries, please do not hesitate to sending us messages.



In addition to the Eldim team, our partner for the Canada and USA, Delta Photonics, will be there to.



If you want to have more information concerning the show, click on this link (Display Week > 2021).  If you want to participate, click on the following link to register (Display Week > 2021 > Attendee > Registration).



We hope to see you there!