INSIDE’S ELDIM – Episode 3/3




Our last episode is available! You can now discover the last part of Inside’s Eldim.





With this last video, you will discover why Eldim is so special, and what make is strength.



We are very proud of the release of this full series of Inside’s Eldim. We hope that you have enjoyed the videos, and they enabled you to discover more in details our company.



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Recap on OPIE 2021

Eldim’s Japan partner has participated to the OPIE 2021!



The OPIE 2021 has been held from the 30th of June to the 2nd of July, in Yokohama, Japan.



During the show our product, the VCProbe-NIR-DSD was showcased wit a live demonstration.





We are confident in things getting back to normal and hope that future shows will be back in physics again.


Many thanks to our partner Restar Communication Corporate for their full implication and professionalism during this show.




We hope that you have enjoyed the OPIE 2021.

INSIDE’S ELDIM – Episode 2/3

It’s time to see the second episode of inside’s Eldim



The second episode is here, be ready to see another aspect of Eldim.

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The third episode will be out soon.