FNAC Testing Laboratory




During the last 50 years, the FNAC Testing Laboratory have been testing screens and TV displays with state-of-the-art measuring devices. As you may know FNAC/Darty is the french leader for video and TV products. In a special edition of their magazine they published the different devices they are using.


The FNAC Testing Laboratory uses a unique measurement bench for televisions, produced by ELDIM.


This bench, developed and designed to FNAC ‘s specifications is using two systems from ELDIM, it allows them to carry out large quantities of very discriminating measurements.


EZContrast: to perform angular light measurements, but also contrast, colorimetry, gamma and 3D measurements on passive systems. The performance of FNAC measurements is due to the particular concept of this product: a very high precision lens, calibrated filters, a high resolution sensor maintained at -20°C.





UMaster: for light and color homogeneity measurements, as well as 3D measurements for active systems.




Pierre Blanc is the Head of Screen Testing at the FNAC Laboratory.



From the television to the smartphone via the computer, no screen can deceive its measuring devices with formidable precision!
Color fidelity, viewing angle, luminance, response time, contrast…
Pierre screens out all these criteria to the delight of his customers who love beautiful images. He establishes a ranking of the best screens on the market available in a booklets on FNAC stores stands.




For more information on the FNAC Testing Laboratory check out their website : https://www.fnac.com/labofnac


Recap on Eurosatory 2022

We were present at Eurosatory !



We would like to thank all our visitors and thank them for their time and interesting discussion we had.

Our CubeX demonstration was on live on the booth and some of our home made optics were displayed.

For more information on our products don’t hesitate to contact sales@eldim.fr






For those who haven’t visited us during the Eurosatory, we are sharing with you a little tour of our booth.





We hope you enjoyed the show !







Recap on InterOpto June 15-17 2022

ELDIM products on InterOpto show in Japan !


Our japanese partner Restar had a booth at InterOpto, this exhibition was about autonomous driving, sensing, robots and lasers.


This event was held in Tokyo Big Sight from June 15 to 17, 2022


For those who haven’t visited Restar booth during the tradefair, we are sharing with you pictures of the booth with our product the VCProbe-NIR-STG2.







We would like to thank our japanese partners, Restar  for their time at this important event to present our product.


We hope you enjoyed the show!