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Display is fundamental building block of electronics and photonics instrument to visualize the data to human eye. In the digital world, display panel has now become indispensable part of instruments or gadgets for example TV, laptop, tablet, smartphone and smartwatch.



Thus, it is mandatory verifying displays screen equipment compliance with health and safety regulations.



With the big projects that ELDIM has been carrying on, ELDIM has prooven his capabilities to do mass production. ELDIM has the production and resources capabilities to supply in a mass production way.



To ensure the quality of displays, ELDIM has designed VCProbe-VIS system. The system comprises an innovative lens design with CMOS sensor and an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) to analyse color mapping of displays. The unique design of VCProbe-VIS system provides important features including small size, light weight and wide view angle.



Moreover, the instrument can easily couple with robotics arm for automated characterization of display panel in production line. This allows to reduce characterisation time, increase production speed and improve quality of displays.



The VCProbe-VIS series are view angle measurement systems to evaluate luminance and color characteristics of display panels – enabling to assess the quality and performance check for broad range of display ranging from small display (approx. 2″) to big display (up to 150″). 





For the NIR charaterization ELDIM has design two products dedicated :




As previously mentionned it is mandatory to verifying displays but it is even more important to verify sources that emit in NIR as for QC and safety.



That is why in a supply chain every materials with this kind of components must be verified. Thanks to our equipment it is possible, and it is also perfectly suited for production line.

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