Measuring Expertise

Optical Metrology

Based on home-made advanced optical designs and a real know-how, our range of products provide unbeatable resolutions in angles.

We provide the most sophisticated designs for your production needs, supporting you during development phase, prototype or production launch.

Find the right solution for your needs :

Optical Mastery

Optical Shop

Through our experience and a constant willingness to push limits of current knowledge in optical domain, we are now the most trusted source for high-end optics in the world.

Our optical shop is ready to meet the challenge of your uncompromising requirements.

ELDIM is able to design, manufacture, test and deliver unmatched references for your production needs.

High Precision Optics

We are specialists in optic manufacturing and control.

ELDIM's Lenses

Spherical & Flat Optics

We can work on lenses from 5mm to 600mm diameter.

ELDIM's Lenses

Control Equipment

We can measure:Thickness, ​radius of curvature​, centering​, diameter.

ELDIM's Lenses

High-Tech Skills

Video Drivers

Due to our strong and fast R&D capabilities, we can provide innovative boards for your LED displays.

Our high-tech skills will bring your display to an unbeatable level thanks to our long-time experience in LED displays for the OOH (out-of-home) sector. With state-of-the-art main boards, ELDIM is the major partner of the advertising world.

Video drivers boards

Strong R&D Capabilities

LED video drivers

Developing High End Products