what purpose ?


THOR 7 system is an automated measurement station which offers an evaluation of displays up to in specific temperature environment.

The equipment allows to measure luminance, color on axis at 5 locations on one display. Viewing angle is added value. 

The EZContrast L80 system is locked on the thermal chamber. The objective is going through the thermic chamber wall. The system mounted this way can support temperature stress from – 40 ˚ C to 85 ˚ C with a slope of 2 ˚ C / mn. 

2 Optiscope systems will be fixed on the thermal chamber, on each side of the EZContrast system. The measurements are done through a window. This setup allows measuring 2 displays at once (one for viewing angle, one for response time) 

Dedicated to highest needs in terms of performances and capacity, Thor7 is designed to address most of QC needs for tests under thermal conditions. 


  • Luminance and color measurements
  • Viewing angle cone: ±80 ˚
  • All angles measured at once
  • ±0.3 ˚ angular resolution
  • Luminance, Response Time, Flicker measurements
  • Sampling Step: 1 μs
  • MPRT, Gamma curves


  • Viewing angle analysis for QC or R&D
  • Automated stage for fast and easy testing
  • Environmental impact on displays optical characteristics checked with the use of temperature chamber from -40 ̊ to + 85 ̊C
  • Reflective properties and/or spectral characteristics of displays available as options
  • Weiss 1500 L WT3 model
  • 1 rotation around a triangular frame. Each side can hold 2 displays.

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