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THOR5 system is an automated measurement station which offers easily an evaluation of displays up to 20” in specific temperature environment.

The design is modular and allows a use of the station with or without the temperature chamber. This complete measurement station is an accurate and automated solution which delivers complete test results report with the automation software provided.


  • Fully automated +/- 80 ̊ or +/- 88 ̊ viewing angle test station for displays
  • All included station: Measuring system EZContrast and its valets, thermic chamber and automated XYZ stage
  • High flexibility, accuracy and ease of use
  • Resolution: 0.08°/CCD pixel


  • Viewing angle analysis for QC or R&D
  • Automated stage for fast and easy testing
  • Environmental impact on displays optical characteristics checked with the use of temperature chamber from -40 ̊ to + 85 ̊C
  • Reflective properties and/or spectral characteristics of displays available as options

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