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Imaging Products


The Xscope has been designed specifically to assess the quality of Micro Displays with very precise uniformity measurements at the pixel level. 

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The XSP-3 was designed to measure several positions along an X axis of 1 or several DUTs.    It is a very fast equipment which provides spectral measurements with a spatial resolution of 1.5µm. 

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The XSP-4 is designed to measure several positions along the XY axis of 1 or several DUTs.    It is an equipment which does spectral measurements with a very precise spectrometer at a spatial resolution of 1.5µm. 

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What Purpose ?



ELDIM offers one of the best video-colorimeter on the market with high color accuracy for any color stimuli. LED wall calibration is now commonly made using video colorimetry.


Since many years ELDIM proposes an efficient solution for automated MURA defect analysis. The UMaster solution includes a high-quality sensor and automation-oriented analysis software.




For MicroDisplay measurement ELDIM proposes XScope the first video colorimeter with ultra large field of view and high magnification.


Thanks to a unique microscope objective with ~1cm2 field of view and a spatial resolution around 1.5µm, it allows luminance and color measurements on the entire surface of micro displays. Also it make possible the extraction of the color and luminance of each sub-pixel for calibration and quality control purpose.