What purpose


UMaster is based on a Peltier cooled CCD sensor

with true 16-bit analog digital converter. Four color filters dedicated to

each CCD sensor are mounted on a motorized color wheel.


ELDIM is manufacturing on its own all the key components of its systems.

The quality of the optics is optimum thanks to advanced technologies


In addition to luminance and color imaging, UMaster can realize polarization

imaging at different wavelengths. This option is available for

all the wavelengths in the visible range (band pass 10nm).


  • Imaging Luminance, Color and Polarization
  • Cooled sensor
  • MURA defect detection
  • Spatial resolution down to 9µm with additional option


  • For QC
  • R&D with a large range of optics
  • Mass production

Sizes & plan


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