The EZContrast MS serie gives spectral data within a large viewing cone.
A full spectral map within a +/- 88° viewing angle cone is made in less than 5mn. The different automated wheels allows the selec­tion of the light beam using 31 bandpass filters regularly distributed in the visible range.


  • • Physico-realistic simulation
  • • All kind of displays performances characterization in details
  • • Grey levels analysis


  • • Non-contact measurement
  • • Radiance, Luminance, Color data
  • • Fast spectral measurements
  • • High accuracy and reliability
  • • Cooled sensor
  • • Resolution : 0.08°/CCD pixel

Technical features

Viewing angleIncidence angle±88°
Azimuth angle0-360°
Measuring AreaMaximum diameter2mm
Other diameter (optional)1mm, 500μm or 300μm
AccuracyWavelength resolution (nm)10
Wavelength accuracy (nm)1
Stray light (%)<0.1
Radiance (W/sr/m²/nm)±3%
Chromaticity0.002 (for any stimulus)
Ellipticity & polarization direction±2° up to 60°±2° up to 50°
Polarization degree±2% up to 60°±2% up to 50°
PerformancesAngular resolution0.09°/CCD pixel0.08°/CCD pixel
Angular optical resolution0.25°
DensityOptional0.5, 1.0 or 2.0
PolarizationOptional3 Polarizers (0, 45, 90°) and 2 wave-plates
Optimum distanceEnsure light coming from same point at any angle1mm3.7mm
Spectral specsStandard31 band pass filters on the visible range 400-700nm
Optional2 additional band pass filter (between 700 and 900nm)
Spectral data extractionInterpolation with step between 1 and 5nm
Measurement timeRadiance with full resolution<6mn
Radiance with half resolution<3mn
Polarization with full resolution<15mn
Short-term repeatabilityRadiance±0.5%
Use conditionsTemperature range0 to 30°C
Humidity range0-85% non condensing
Specifications can be changed without notice

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