What Purpose ?


VCProbe-NIR-STG is ideal to measure small aperture NIR sources and provides an efficient measurement solution for near-infrared sources such as LEDs and lasers.

This system allows a full map within a ±70° viewing angle cone and an excellent angular resolution, with a working distance at 4mm permitting
non-contact measurements.
Recommended for 2.5 mm exit pupil emitters.
DXY +/- 1 mm allowance for repeatability better than 1% against position for easy online positioning.

The VCProbe-NIR-STG is calibrated at a wavelength of 940 nm and allows high speed and accurate measurements for applications on R&D as well as mass production/QC.

Should you need a similar system for a special project or mass production,
we can build a system meeting your requirements.


  • Wavelength calibrated at 940nm


  • Facial recognition
  • R&D and mass production/QC
  • 3D sensing & Imaging
VCSEL ELDIM's measurement

Sizes & Plan


VCProbe-NIR Outer dimension (unit mm)

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