The system features contactless measurements that generates, within a single measurement, the viewing angle of ±32° that provides an outstanding angular resolution of 0.05°.
It is a system optimized for individual VCSEL and has a Working Distance of 40mm.
The VCProbe-NIR-DSD allows high speed and accurate measurements for applications on R&D as well as mass production/QC.
Should you need a similar system for a special project or mass production, we can build a system meeting your requirements.


  • Wavelength is calibrated at 850nm, 905nm, 940nm


  • For automotive (self-driving car)
  • For mature and innovative technologies: LIDAR, Flash LIDAR, LASER Diode, VCSEL
  • R&D and mass production/QC
  • For 3D sensing & Imaging

Specifications VCProbe-NIR-DSD
WavelengthIntensity (absolute)Calibrated at 850 nm - 905 nm - 940 nm
Viewing AngleIncident angle
Azimuth angle
Working Distance40 mm
PerformancesOptical resolution
Linearized data
Iris SizeOptimized for sample of0.5mm / 1mm / 2.5mm
Focus Distance1000mm
AccuracyRadiance (w/str/m2)
Power (watt)
Takt timeExposure time
Processing Transfer time
300ms - 30s
Less than 1 s
Using conditionTemperature range
Humidity range
10°C to +40°C
0 to 85% non condensing
Specifications can be changed without notice
NIR emitter pulse synchronization, rate and width measurement
Temperature stabilized sensor
Viewing spot for automated positioning