what purpose ?





This new product is based on a fully new technology patented by ELDIM.


To understand this technology, you can imagine that we are moving a spectrometer around the DUT and doing a measurement every 2.5° in a viewing cone of +/-60°.


The equipment will also be able to provide flicker information on all these angles.


The measurement takt time of that equipment is less than 2 seconds, and all the data can be transferred by an ethernet cable or WIFI.


This equipment works in the visible range.


Specifications CubeX
Viewing Angle±60°
Measurement TypeTransmissive
Equipment TechnologyELDIM-ASM
CIE FiltersNo
Proximity SensorYes
Measuring Spot12mm
Measuring Distance12.5 mm
Angular Resolution2.5°
Chromaticity Accuracy (x,y)
Luminance Range0.1-100000 Cd/m²
Luminance Accuracy2%
Repeatibility Chromaticity (x,y)0.0004
Wavelengh Resolution on Axis2nm
Ethernet1 Gbits
Measurement Takt Time (full map)<2s
Use Conditions5-30°C
Weight5.8 kg
Outer Dimension (unit in mm)182mm x172mm x172mm
Specifications can be changed without notice

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