It simulates the approximate size, position, and FOV of the human eye. The binocular feature on option allows to access synchronicity between two displays.


  • Pixel per Inch assessment
  • Viewing Angle +/- 30° (other FOV available on request)
  • Screen door effect analyze
  • Resolution assessment


  • For Augmented Reality Displays
  • For Virtual Reality Displays

Preliminary SpecificationsVCProbe-AR/VR-MTF
Wavelength400 to 700 nm
Viewing Angle±30° (other FOV available on request)
Working DistancePhysical Aperture at the conoscope entrance that has to be positioned at the exit pupil of the VR
Physical Aperture (mm)3mm diameter
Angular Resolution0,4 arcmin / pixel (0.007°/pixel)
Optical Resolution75-80% of diffraction limitation @30cy/° for MTF (=60cy/mm @1500mm)
Takt Time1s @100ms Exposure Time
FocusMotorized focus to reach -4,7D to +0,15D (25cm to inf)
Measurement RangeOn white 50Cd/m² - 10000Cd/m²
CartridgeManual Cartridge with density 1
SensorMonochrome sensor/data
Output Image9000*7000 pixels
Using Condition4 CoaXPress CXP_12 (up to 50Gbps)*
USB-C (for motor control and powering)
*Frame Grabber Not Included
Specifications subject to change without notice

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