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The VCProbe-VIS is ELDIM’s flagship product. The system comprises an innovative lens design with CMOS sensor and an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for color mapping analysis of displays. The VCProbe-VIS series are view angle measurement systems to evaluate luminance and color characteristics of display panels. 


The VCProbe-VIS enables quality and performance check for broad range of display ranging from small display (approx. 2″) to big display (up to 150″). The instrument can easily integrate with robotics arm in production line in order to reduce characterisation time, increase production speed and improve quality of displays. 


  • Viewing angle luminance & color measurement
  • Resolution : 0.03°/CCD pixel
  • On axis sprectral data
  • Fast measurements
  • Absolute proximity sensing for screen detection


  • For mass production and quality control
  • For flat, curved and flexible displays
  • High versatile, from small to large TV sets

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Technical features

Specifications VCProbe-VIS
Viewing angleIncident angle
Azimuth angle
1-60° - 0-70° or 360°
Color (x,y)
±3% or less
PerformancesAngular resolution
Angular optical resolution
0.03°/CCD pixel (VCProbe 60)
14 bits
Maximum display sizeFrom 2" to 150" (depending on model)
Measurement timeOne luminance measurement
One color measurement
Luminance rangeMinimum (Cd/m²)
Maximum (Cd/m²)
1 000 000 Cd/m²
Specifications can be changed without notice

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