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For 3D Displays Measurement

VCMaster 3D

    VCMaster 3D has a +/-50° angle aperture and 0.03° as angular resolution.   Get luminance and color data in a few minutes.   The best tool to measure...

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Why choose ELDIM


A glass-free 3D display is called autostereoscopic 3D display. Consumer products are based  on autostereoscopic 3D displays like 3D televisions, tables and smartphones.


Optical characterization of multi-view auto-stereoscopic 3D displays is possible using viewing angle measurements at two or three point on the display’s surface. The solution for characterization of multi-view auto-stereoscopic displays is using Fourier optics viewing angle system.


ELDIM developed the VCMaster 3D aimed to measure viewing angle of auto-stereoscopic 3D displays.