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For Which Use ?


Automotive industry is always on the move. Cars includes lots of components, from front to back, tons of different materials and technology adapt to each other. Car makers and their suppliers need to check the physical appearance of every component that will be seen by the end user, and also check that all safety regulations are strictly followed by the manufacturing process.


Car industry needs light to attract end users, and IR light is changing the scope of automotive industry with autonomous cars. This industry is currently mutating and will change our mind about travelling, safer, faster, and in a more eco friendly way.


Why choose ELDIM


ELDIM R&D and production can help to measure light, visible or IR. The emissive properties and the reflective properties can be easily evaluated, and the angular shape of components can be done in one second.


The wide range of ELDIM products to characterize emissive light, or reflective data from materials, can help to design cars and see defects without prototyping, which saves costs. It can also be implemented on production line to check that all components are qualified. Some components can also be evaluated under temperature stress, like displays for example, which characteristics can change drastically under temperature.


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