Our Solutions

For Avionics Measurement


  NEW MODEL CUBEX500 (+/- 80°) IS NOW AVAILABLE   ELDIM's multi-spectral angular mapping : CUBEX   Perfectly suited for several measurements, very light and easy to handle.   Ideally...

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New driving strategies like overdriving leads to complex temporal behavior for the display emission and great care must be taken not only on the measurement itself but also on the...

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    EZContrast series have up to a +/-88 ° angle aperture.   It can measure luminance and color in less than 30 s or spectral data in 5 min, all...

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    The cost effective EZLite-N2 system is the simplest and most versatile instrument for standard viewing angle.   EZLite series are ideal tools, with +/-60° angle aperture. Luminance, color...

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Why choose ELDIM


ELDIM product can provide state of the art measurements to make sure that technologies used will match the specific requirements, as well as facilitating the work of research in avionics.



From displays measurements to LIDAR or lasers, we develop robust measurement systems which fit operational and production side as well as research lab requirements.