For Which Use ?


Cosmetics industry develops a wide range of products which requires a thorough understanding of reflective properties of materials. To understand the behaviour of cosmetic solutions, measurements is helpful. To meet research expectations and to implement comparison between solutions, this industry needs reliable and repeatable data.


Cosmetics solutions can be measured, such as intensity, shades, brightness, colors, etc. The impact on the end consumers can be quantified, and identification of factors that will relate to it can be accurate. As technology in Cosmetics develops, requests for analysis of physical parameters increases. 


Why choose ELDIM



Appearance of human skin with or without cosmetic foundation is generally judged by eyes. Even if in human color vision, the transformation of reflected light from the spectra to trichromatic signals results in the loss of most of the spectral features, the knowledge of the spectral reflectance of this type of object is much more informative than a simple color analysis.  


Indeed lot of elements need to be analysed : color, brightness, spectral reflectance, diffusion properties, Spectral and angular dependence, Prediction of the aspect of any surface under any type of illumination, Quantify the backscattering and the full diffused reflectance.


The EZContrast MS allows fast measurements and with his reflective options all the aspects quoted previously can be measured. It is the perfect tool for cosmetic measurement !



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