Our Solutions

For Defense Measurement


    The cost effective EZLite-N2 system is the simplest and most versatile instrument for standard viewing angle.   EZLite series are ideal tools, with +/-60° angle aperture. Luminance, color...

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    EZContrast series have up to a +/-88 ° angle aperture.   It can measure luminance and color in less than 30 s or spectral data in 5 min, all...

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Why choose ELDIM


For small volume, high precision optics, ELDIM is set up to manufacture, test and deliver with the performance your programs require. We’ve invested in the technology and research that will enable your next program.


ELDIM’s capabilities incorporate a wide range of manufacturing technologies from which we can choose the best process for your requirements. Manufacturing capabilities range from conventional machinery to highly deterministic CNC machining, including: Asphericals, Sphericals, Cylinders, Prisms.


Through industry leadership and an unwavering commitment to work with our customers to understand and achieve their goals, we strive to be the most trusted source of high end optics.


The technology keeps evolving and ELDIM follow that trend investing in new tools.