Our Solutions

For Standard Displays Measurement

EZContrast MS

  The EZContrast Ms series allows very fast spectral data within a large viewing cone. A full spectral map within a +/- 88° viewing angle cone is realised in less than 5mn. Different automated wheels allow selec­tion of...

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    EZContrast series have up to a +/-88 ° angle aperture.   It can measure luminance and color in less than 30 s or spectral data in 5 min, all...

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    The cost effective EZLite-N2 system is the simplest and most versatile instrument for standard viewing angle.   EZLite series are ideal tools, with +/-60° angle aperture. Luminance, color...

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Why choose ELDIM


ELDIM products are the best for display measurement.


With our wide range of ELDIM products for displays measurement, you can choose the product that will fit your need allowing you to measure small, big, flat or curved screen. For luminance, contrast or even response time measurement.


ELDIM devices are very accurate and fast in comparison to the old method of measuring displays with a goniometer.


With our viewing angle line product you will win measurement time.