Recap : Vehicle Displays Detroit 2019


We thank all visitors of our booth and hope you enjoyed the product demonstration of our VCProbe-VIS.





Nowadays displays in the automotive industry is becoming more and more important.


Indeed, with new technologies and improvements in self-driving car, displays in the car are winning territory.


In recent cars, displays are in your dashboard, on the central console with embedded multimedia system and all the external screen like navigation system, phone, tablet and screens for the passengers. Autonomous vehicles will allow to have even more screens like head-up display or screen integrated on your windshield.


With so many screens in a car, the question of testing them to ensure quality control is important.

Vehicle Displays’ exhibition is the perfect event for that, and during exhibition we presented our VCProbe-VIS.


It is a viewing angle equipment that measures a full color map in less than 2 seconds, ensuring quality control of your display in no time ! Additionally you have the option to add a robotic arm on this equipment. It is perfect for production lines !

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any question on the product shown during the exhibition or any other product inquiry.

ELDIM’s exhibiting at Vehicle Displays 2019 I Detroit, USA I 24-25 Sept

This year ELDIM will be exhibiting at the Vehicle Displays show !


Since some years now the Vehicle Displays show have increased its number of exhibitors. There are now more than 100 tables. Many people from the display industry is coming to this event, to participate in the exhibition and go to the conference.


During the exhibition we will showcase our viewing angle equipment for the visible range measurement, the VCProbe-VIS.

Come visit us and see our real time demonstration on Table#48 !

Get a free entry to the exhibition thanks to ELDIM show pass code: Kj2W2A2


The exhibition is organized jointly to the conference, ELDIM will present a paper on Wednesday, 25th of September at 8:15 am on Session 5 Display Metrology. The topic is “High-Resolution Characterization of Near-Infrared Light Sources for 3D Sensing Applications”.


We are looking forward to welcoming you on this event !

Automotive LIDAR 2019 I Detroit, USA I 25-26 Sept

We are glad to announce that we will be exhibiting for the 1st time at the Automotive LIDAR show !


ELDIM will present the VCProbe-NIR-DSD for a fast, angle dependent characterization of NIR emitters. The precise characterization of NIR sources such as surface emitters is used in the LIDAR range for sensor analyses on driverless cars or remote sensing.


The VCProbe-NIR-DSD is specially designed to precisely measure small aperture of NIR sources. This system can measure all kinds of sources such as LIDAR, Flash LIDAR, Laser Diode and VCSEL widely used for driverless cars.


Come visit us and see our live demonstration of the VCProbe-NIR-DSD and real time measurement on our Table#16 !

Our ELDIM staff will be please to welcome you and answer your question.


We hope to see you numerous at this event !